About us

In our day to day we are surrounded by objects, sometimes devoid of soul and identity.

In Nocal, we value the artisanal production processes, where each piece is shaped by hand keeping a connection between earth and its ancestry.

Exporting to the world for over then 35 years, nocal is proud to able to answer to the requirements of all is clients. Allying tradition to inovation, promoting the design and the quality of its products.

Offering a wide possibilitis of creations, in Earthenware and Stoneware, among decorative products, dinnerware and bathroom accessories.


Since the year of its foundation, Nocal has been producing quality articles that stand out for their innovation and diversification.


We have expanded our internationalization and currently we are selling to 14 countries.


40 is the number of our employees, willing and ready to respond to any requirement of our customers.